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May 2004

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OwlCon Owlhoots
Well, our latest play-test at Owlcon this year ran smoothly. True, when fellers are shootin’ at one another, it’s hard to call things “smooth”, but in the terms of the game, it was a full crowd, and word of mouth has passed about how popular a feature we have become.

True enough once again, justice was brought to the little town of Beaver Creek, as the Gutshot players made sure that the crooked land agent got what was coming to him, old west style.

Owlcon has been our main play-test convention bed for the last few years, mainly due to its location and the amount of players that are open for the game. We decided to focus on one convention not only for play-testing, but also for the testing of seeing how well our game is received each year. We’re plumb happy with the way we’ve been treated, and the Owlcon folks have always been good to us.

Sad to say for all of us though was that this was our LAST Owlcon play-test. Now you might hang yer head and shed a tear, but don’t fret because that means that something better is coming round the bend!

Gutshot's A Coming!
If you all read the previous paragraph and then guess, “Well that must mean that they are ready to release Gutshot.”, then you must be a mind reader like that feller that recently come to town selling snake oil.
But it’s true.

See, we’ve been busy wrapping up the last of the rules editing and arguing. Sometimes developin’ a game system is easy, and sometimes it ain’t. In this case we had to keep true to what we were doing at all times. We ran into the everlasting problem that all miniature game players come across, (fast, simple rules vs detail), and we knew that at times we were going to have to draw the line, somewhere.

Now I needs to let y’all know out there that as we have explained before, Gutshot is gonna be a “simple game”. We ain’t gonna bog you down with page after page after page of fancy charts, tables, and graphs in print so small that you would need a pair of glasses to see them. We are not gonna detail the range, and damage capability of every weapon and caliber that was available in the Old West, (However, if you DO want that much detail, then we can point you in the right direction.).

What we are trying to do with Gutshot is to recreate the high excitement and drama of the Old West with the flavor of the Hollywood Westerns. Heck..sometimes when I watch this game being played, I can almost smell the popcorn in the theater!

So we think we have accomplished what it is that we were going to set out to do. So I can hear you saying, “Enough already…when’s it coming out?”

So I am proud to say that we are looking at Gutshot to be on the shelves in time for Christmas 2004.

That’s right, when Christmas rolls around, you can wander up to Ole Saint Nick and sit on his lap and tell you that you want to “get Gutshot”. I’m sure that either he or his little elf helpers will oblige.

So What Does This Mean?
Well, for us, it means that the hardest part of getting the rules together is over with. We know that they work, and that they are fun for folks. We have a nice following of dedicated play testers who have helped us over the years. We have gotten support from play test groups across the nation and words of encouragement from retailers. Believe me when I say that even though we know we had a good thing going, it was mighty nice to get all of these nice words to help keep us riding along when the trail got a little rough.

So now that the main rules will be out in December we are looking at the first expansion. You see, there was way too much good stuff to put in just one book, and if we did, then there would be so much material that some folks wouldn’t use and felt that it was a waste.

So what we decided was to add the new material in module form. We figgered, that by doing this we could keep the cost to you our supporters down and that it gave you the option of which materials you wanted and which materials you didn’t want.

We’ve currently started working on the outline for our first expansion, which focuses on “Cavalry and Indians”. It’s going to include new specialties and abilities, along with new character templates, and scenarios. As usual, once we get it up and running we will also add scenarios onto our website here that will be available as FREE downloads. All the downloads on will be FREE, (but if you would like to send us money we will be happy to take it off yore hands).

Conventions Aplenty
Once we release Gutshot in December we are looking at supporting it not only through the site, and with our In-Store Demo Program, (IDP), but also with conventions. Currently we are looking at attending a wide variety of regional AND national conventions, among them will be Origins, Gen-Con, Bayou Wars, and Historicon. We are also looking at being at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in March 2005. So if you are there and you see our booth, stop by and say “howdy!”.

I would be lower than a snake in a wagon rut if I didn’t also talk about our supporting the retailers. It’s the game stores that make sure that our products are out there. It’s the game storeowners that allow us to show off our games in their stores and to help increase their sales. It’s the local game store that is the gathering point for gamers and we can never ever stop tellin’ folks, to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GAME STORE!


Gutshot Stuff: "You shore look purty in that t-shirt..."
For those of you that haven’t had the gumption to get into our contest, because you think that “you’ll never win anything.”, then I would tell you to get yore high falootin’ self over to our General Store, and see what nice stuff we git in from the stage. You can bet yer bottom dollar when I tell you that if you get one of our fine t-shirts for yore lady, then she’ll be so happy with you, that she won’t remember that she was gonna hit you with a fryin’ pan!

You can mosey through our General Store and see a fine selection of our items with our wonderful logos on them. They are sure to be collectors’ items, or the envy of your friends.


Our Contests
That’s right folks, we just had our recent drawin’ for our contest winner and his picked up one of our steel coffee mugs. These fine mugs seem to be one of the favorites of our winners, and we think that they can handle all the hot joe you can put in them in, or you can use them to whump yer partner upside his head when you catch him cheatin’ at cards again!

It’s easy to enter our contests, and remember, your name stays in the hat until you win. Just click on the contest information on our website, and get your name in today!


And Finally
We here at Hawgleg are mighty grateful for all the support and patience that everyone has shown us and given us while we were working on this project. Now that we can see the results coming out and heading your way, we feel that it’s best that we tip our hat and say that we are very thankful to have such wonderful support. It sure makes our day.

Well, that’s it from Ole Doc Murphy here. I will be shuttin’ up for a while, until something else comes along, and I just gotta feel the need to flap my gums again. So send your cards, letters, and e-mails my way, asking anything you want. If you want to send me money my way, I will go ahead and take it off yore hands.

Y’all take care now, ya hear?


Ole Doc Murphy
May 2004

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