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It's Ole Doc Murphy here once again. I figgered it was time fer me to get off my rear end and tell y'all all about things going on here at Hawgleg. So take a load off yer feet and have a seat!


April 2003

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Dusting Off Our Chaps
By now y'all done probably seen the piece on the front page saying that we have moved. Well, that's a fact. I picked up my office and shingle and left the High Desert of Las Vegas, and got myself down to Houston where the rest of the outfit is. The best thing about it now is that the entire operation is in one location. This gives us a better chance to get issues settled without all the name calling and the pot shots in the dark that we take at one another.

Being here in Houston will allow the final playtests, edits, and final preparation work to be done at a much quicker pace. Much of the information that we have gathered from the convention playtests have already been looked and reviewed. We are so close to releasing this thing on y'all out there we kin smell it!

What does that mean for You?
Well that means that real soon now, you will be holding in your hands the best dang set of miniature skirmish Western rules to come out. Expansion sets will be coming out soon afterward to carry your game playing to new levels. We've got a ton of stuff planned for you, and can't wait to let it all get out!

We'll be showing the game off at Conventions, and doing Demos at stores. If you have a store that you would like us to send info to, or to possibly do a demo at, then just let us know. We would be happy to send them an information packet. Keep reading on about our conventions and In-Store Demos further on down.

This Dang Website
My old friend Cletus don't know what a cumputer is, so I had to show him our Website. He thought that our Internet page was “almost as good as a slow dance with Miss Lucy over at the saloon.”

You can see that the site is starting to fill up with all sorts of information on gaming, and Western stories that my partner Mike Mitchell is putting up. The contests are really popular and we are having a dang good time with them.

As I said before, naturally we are open to suggestions, comments, and complaints… heck if you just wanna send us money, we'll be more than obliged to take it from you!

Conventions Aplenty
By now y'all probably know that we just finished our third major playtest at the Owlcon Convention in Houston, Texas. Once again, our rules were popular and generated more interest than a Miss Sally's All Girl Dancing Class. Well almost as much interest as Miss Sally's class….

We have been doing playtests at conventions now for over two years. Now a lot of y'all out there may be scratching yer heads and wondering why. Well, it's because the more we playtest at cons, the more feedback we get from new players and first time players.

See, after a bit of playtesting, the people that do most of it, get familiar with the rules, and sometimes overlook finer points, or don't see things that may sound confusing to new folks. So we like to get some new folks in once in a while and let them chew on the rules for a bit and see what they come up with. Some suggestions are good and some suggestions are not so good. Heck, we had one feller from New York City, (of all the places go figure!), not suggest, but DEMAND that we “redo” ALL of the weapons charts to include EVERY different type of weapon that was used in the old west.

When we kindly told him that there were over 300 different types of weapons, and caliber combinations, he didn't seem to think it was a problem for us to do it.

Let's just say, that we took his suggestion, put in on a shelf waaaaaay back in the closet, and then put him on his mount and pointed it North, and sent him on his way. We review all suggestions and ideas sent to us, but if you want something that completely throws the idea of the game out of whack, (fast and fun), then you are going to be sadly disappointed when we don't slap yer back and buy you a drink at the bar for suggesting a great idea.

On the other hand, another fella dang near begged us to include rules for throwing rocks. At first we thought this was a mite foolish, after all, who brings rocks to a gunfight? But then he reminded us of a famous fight when citizens -- armed with a few rifles, rocks, and pure gumption -- managed to drive off a band of bank robbers. Well, we decided this fella might be on ta something, so we're working on rules for throwing rocks and stuff.

Finally, we like to play at conventions because of meeting and doing this here thing they call “networking” with new players, GM's, retailers and sponsors. This allows us here at Hawgleg to get out and meet folks, and let them know about Gutshot and when it will be out.

Speaking of out...
Now a lot of you folks out there have been asking me this same question. “When are y'all gonna be releasing this thing? So I have to tell you that we are looking for an end of the year release date. See, This gives us the time we need to make sure that y'all are getting something good, and Gutshot makes wonderful Christmas gifts for those gamers that have everything.

So when the Holiday season rolls around, we want you to wander up to your local game store and tell the feller that “You wanna git Gutshot for Christmas.”

He'll probably oblige you.

Now one of the things that Mitchell and me wuz discussing the other day over a plate of ranch beans and cornbread was going to local game stores and putting on Demos for Gutshot. So currently we are in the process of setting up an “In-Store Demo” program; we call it “IDP” for short.

IDP's will basically coordinate with local game shops and will come to the store and host Gutshot games. We feel very strongly about, and think that it is a great way to support the local retailers. They are the main people out there hawking our stuff, so it's only natural that we come down and give them some extras.

IDP information will soon be available for retailers.

GUTSHOT STUFF….You shore look good in that t-shirt!

I am pleased to announce to y'all that we have expanded our line of Gutshot items at the general store. Not only do we have a bunch of quality t-shirts, and a swell tote bag, but now we have caps and coffee mugs too…Folks who have worn our stuff, get asked by folks all the time how they too can get Gutshot, and we will always be happy to oblige.

Later on, I am going to try to see if I can get our good friend Mr. Brady to open up his photo parlor. This is going to be a part of the site, where you good folks can send in your pics and show us how swell you look with the Gutshot Logo slapped on you. You fellers out there will have the woman swooning at your feet, and you ladies out there will have to beat them fellers off with a stick, when you wear our fine shirts and hats.

And leading into this I am proud to announce that in the future our fine duds will be modeled by our very own “Six Gun Sweethearts!”. These are special ladies near and dear to our hearts that are sure to make you see just how good our stuff actually is! Or as our good friend “Lonesome Erik” would say…”She shore looks purty..” I think you all will be pleased at our choices.

Quarterly Contests!
Where else can you go to enter to win, and have four chances of winning?…No place but here! That's right. Each quarter we have a contest where we pull the name out of out of all the folks that entered and the winner gets to pick a prize of their choice. See the rules section for more information on this. It's easy, fun, and all y'all have a very good chance of winning. If yer missus says it ain't so, then ask her when the last time she won the lottery was! That will shut her up.

Last Things Last
As you can see on the front, we have conventions scheduled for this year and possibly next year also. In the meantime we have a lot to do.

I would also ask you to read our message of support for our troops and make a donation to the charity that we have listed. A little bit goes a long way.

Okay y'all... that's it for now with Ole Doc Murphy, so if you have comments, replies, situations, and questions about Gutshot, Hawgleg, Yer Love Life, or anything else... just send them in... I'll do my best not to answer them and not get ya whipped too hard.


Ole Doc Murphy
April 2003

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