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It's Ole Doc Murphy here once again. I figgered it was time fer me to get off my rear end and tell y'all all about things going on here at Hawgleg. So take a load off yer feet and have a seat!

Jan. 2003

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Howdy Partners!

This here is Mike Murphy, one of the authors of these dang blasted rules, giving you a quick peek at what we have here in store for you comin’ up in the future.

I’d like to thank EVERYONE out there that has been so supportive of Hawgleg. Getting a game company off the ground, and built from a single idea is not easy, it’s more of a labor of love than anything else, (and the fact that there is a HUGE distance between Mike and Myself, doesn’t make it any easier on us), but we are very pleased with the results that we see from the responses that we are getting!

I’d like to say Congratulations and Hats off to ya to our FIRST contest winner, Janeen Watkins!…Mike said it all…She shore looks purty in our tee shirt! If that don’t git her a feller at the Sadie Hawkins Dance, NOTHING will!

I’d be a plumb dang fool to try to take all the credit to project. My best friend, and co-conspirator Mike Mitchell has done a wonderful job at working and pushing this project along in it’s starts and spurts.

Now a lot of folks are wondering WHY we are taking so dang long to get these rules out to all the gamers out there? Plain and simple… We want a product that we can be proud of.

There’s a lot of rules systems that are coming out right now. Rules covering every genre (and some that never occurred), are being put on the market. A lot of these rule systems are pretty good, and a lot of them are hardly worth the paper that they are printed on. First Impressions are everything, and we believed that if our first product was something that met OUR standards (which can be downright picky at times), then we felt that we would have something good for our customers, and fellow players.

We want our players to spend time playing the game and NOT arguing over rules, and a ton of charts. That is why our weapons charts are simple. To us, right now at least, a pistol is a pistol, whether it’s a Colt Peacemaker, or a Smith and Wesson, or a Starr, or even an Old Colt Dragoon. Rifles are the same, and so are shotguns. We didn’t feel the necessity to muddle things up with lots of charts on all the different weapons and calibers that were out there. Later on we will add some weapons charts on the website here, to give you a little more variation.

So besides that, what’s in the future for GUTSHOT???

Well, I am glad that y’all asked me that. We have quite a bit in store for you all out there. After the initial release of GUTSHOT in 2003, we will soon be releasing extras for it. There will be FREE downloads on the site for all y’all to use, plus constant updates on where we are going and what we are doing to give you the best Western rules out there.

GUTSHOT itself will be expanded in upcoming books to include:
“Horse Soldiers and Medicine Men” – Cavalry vs Indians and rules for larger scale fights in the GUTSHOT “Old West”. It will include rules such as Legendary Commanders, (Errol Flynn, John Wayne etc..), and Legendary Indians, such as Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse. Y’all will also get to play with such fun things as cannons and Gatling Guns!

“South of the Border” – Rules for Mexican Adventures in the GUTSHOT West! Banditos, Federales, and Some Fancy Guy in a Black Mask with a swishy, pointy sword!

“Legends of the West” – Stats and game play information for Historical Western Individuals, (such as Wyatt Earp, John Wesley Hardin, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, etc..)

Some scenarios with these characters will be included.

“The Reel West” – Hollywood Cowboy types. Stats and game play information on Silver Screen Cowboys and their sidekicks. Some scenarios will also be included. So you can get those fancy tassled shirts and the pretty spurs out to go catch the bad guy, sing a tune, and win the girl!

Adventure Packs – Scenario Packs for small and large scale games. Includes range wars, stampedes, buffalo guns, and other fun things.

“Strange Adventures” – A Scenario Pack to allow players to play several odd scenarios, (“What if” games).

These are just some of the ideas that we are pushing forth here at Hawgleg.

Currently we here at Hawgleg are working hard on GUTSHOT, and although there has been little talk of expanding to other genres in the future, the idea is very much open. Currently we are not accepting game submissions or ideas until GUTSHOT is released, and then only for a while we may accept GUTSHOT related submissions. If / When we decide to branch out, (I myself have been looking at Pirates, and WWI air combat), we will announce it on the site.


Wanna make yer sweetie the envy of all the folks at the local game shop? Then get her dressed in one of our genuine GUTSHOT T-shirts, or Baby Doll T!!! Mosey on over to our General Store and put down yer hard earned greenbacks for our high quality duds, and other stuff! The mouse-pads and tote bags make great gifts! If there is anything else you would like to see our name and brand slapped on, give us a holler, and we will be obliged to sell it to you!


That’s right! Where else can you enter a contest and win free stuff without having yer dang e-mail address spammed all over hell and half of Georgia??? Each quarter we pull a name out of the hat and the winner gets the prize that we have up for that quarter. The great thing is,once we have a winner, all the other names stay in the hat. So, ya don't have to keep sending us your e-mail address over and over again. Each person has at least FOUR CHANCES to win each year!

Just go on over to the registration page, or send Mad Mike Mitchell yer e-mail address and ask to be put in the hat for the contest! If you wanna see how purty you or your lady can look in our prizes, then check out our FIRST contest winner!!

We here at Hawgleg also promise to NEVER sell, or trade your name/e-mail information to any other marketing/advertising corporation. Yer privacy is good with us partner!

Okay my friends, that is all for Ole Doc Murphy….
I’ve got places to go, things to see, and people to do…
Keep checking back here for future updates on GUTSHOT, and what is new at Hawgleg! Send me yer comments, questions, and any other thing you would like to discuss. I ain’t too good on dispensing advice on relationships, but I can give it a whirl, if you are THAT needy!
Once again, thanks for all of your support…


Ole Doc Murphy
January 2003

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