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Showdowns & Shootouts is a year-long contest to find at least 12 exciting adventures suitable for use with the Origins award-winning historical miniatures game, Gutshot. These adventures are typical of the hell-bent-for-leather action you'll find in books, movies and TV shows about this exciting era. When you see the S&S logo, you know you're going to have a wild ride on the trail to adventure!

Note: All adventures are PDFs. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open these files.
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Ambush at Coyote Canyon!
There is no honor among thieves when Pa Burman and his boys turn on their former partners to settle a score… with lead and blood!

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by Al Theobald
SS001, April 2007

Pa Burman and his three boys used to be members of the Blackbush Gang. Lead by One-Eye Smith, the gang robbed and pillaged their way through the Southwest, until the fateful night Pa caught One-Eye cheating at cards. Since then, they've become bitter enemies. Yesterday, the remaining members of the Blackbush gang robbed a bank and are heading back to their hideout at the end of Coyote Canyon. What they don't know is that Pa and his boys got there first and are ready to settle old scores… and maybe even walk off with the bank loot for themselves!

Take charge of Pa and his boys or the Blackbush Gang in this exciting adventure suitable for 2-8 players. And don't forget to download the character sheets that are filled out and ready for us.

Bullets for Breakfast!
Back-to-back, two brothers fight to save their town from a viscious gang of outlaws riding the vengeance trail!

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(Size: 560 Kb)

by Ross Edwards
SS002, May 2007

Maybe it was the liquor, maybe it was the moment… but it didn't matter once he reached for his gun! Outlaw Jack Hopper was caught & hanged. Now his brother's gang is riding into town to add a heaping helping of gun smoke to the menu!

You asked for it, pilgrim, so here it is: an adventure suitable for just two players. Or, if you've got more friends, it'll work for 2-7 people.

1,000 Horses for Helen!
Tom French won that horse fair-n-square, and anyone who says different is a bald-faced liar who's gonna get a belly full of lead!

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by Carmen Cerra
SS003, June 2007

The card game got heated after Lady Luck smiled on young Tom French.  He pulled an inside straight and with it, title to the fastest horse in five counties: Helen.  Only thing is, the man who lost didn't take kindly to that turn of fate and he refused to hand over the prize. So the hot-headed young man stole her away in the dark of night, and now that he's back home, the whole town is ready to stand up for what's right.  What we got here is one angry cattle baron and his hired gunnies against a town that's dug in its heels. One thing's fer sure... things are about to get ugly!

Want to see what kind of horse could cause all this fuss? Make sure you download the Horse Record Sheets by clicking on the "Download Character Sheets" link!

Hurrahin' the Sky Pilot!
or How the Pistol Packin' Preacher and the LTL Ladies Dried up Rush Creek!

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(Size: 750 kb)

by Dan Hash
SS004, July 2007

Wherein we learn how the villainous Deman Jones, owner of the notorious Longhorn Saloon conspired with Curly Bob Bodacious to run the new temperance preaching parson of the Rush Creek Gospel Church out of town, and the violent reaction of the Ladies Temperance League all on a Sunday morning!

An advanced adventure for four or more teams -- perfectly designed for use with the Whitewash City starter CD. NOTE: This adventure presents new Specialties and the basics for using rock salt loads in yer shotguns!

Holed Up!
This small-time gang of outlaws figured they had time to catch their breath before making a run for the border -- they figured WRONG!

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(Size: 700 kb)

by Lance Gamble
SS005, August 2007

When his farm went dry and his wife ran off with a traveling salesman, Josef Rubinstein hit the bottle... then he and his buddies hit the outlaw trail. Four stores, two banks and one dead teller later, they netted themselves $17,000 - and a price on their heads! They decided to make a break for Mexico, but it may be too late as three lawmen have them holed up in an old shack near the border in El Paso. Now it’s time to decide: stand and fight or make a run for the border!

A clean and simple game for 2-9 players. NOTE: This adventure introduces some new Random Weapon tables,and even a Random Lawmen table. Just the sort of thing yuh need to add some chaos to yer game.

Stand-off at Muckhole!
When the Fargle Brothers start drinking, ain't no one gonna stop 'em from paintin' the town red... with blood!

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by Richard Nelson
SS006, September 2007

Last time the Fargle Brothers hit Muckhole, they drank and brawled their way through one helluva good time. When they finally rode away, the saloon was in ruins and Ole Doc Murphy was patchin’ up a dozen locals. The townsfolk swore they wouldn’t let it happen again. But today they heard that the Fargles are on their way again, and the sheriff and deputy have both come down with a case of yellow fever… right up their spines!  Those two cowards ran out, leaving the town's defenses in the hands of some shop keepers and the church social ladies, who aim to make a fight of it.

Another free-form adventure for as many characters as you care to bring to the table (we suggest yuh outnumber the three brothers 5-to-1, just to make it a fair fight, but it's up to you). Once more, the ladies take to the fray, so we've brought back rolling pins and rock-salt loads for the shotguns in this ruogh-n-rowdy free-for-all. We've even provided the Character Sheets and nameslips you'll need to run this many characters.

JUDGE'S PRIZE WINNER - The Great Drygulch Bank Robbery!
Thirsty cowboys, a condemned man and one sheriff trying to hold it all together as Mike McKenna and his gang ride into town... it's gonna be a long day!

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(Size: 600 kb)

by Tom Reed
SS007, October 2007

GRAND-PRIZE WINNER! The sun was just coming up as the Sheriff looked up and down the dusty Main Street of Drygulch. The Double Diamond ranch had just finished a long cattle drive and all the hands were in town waiting for the bank to open so they could get paid and have a good time. And if a long, rowdy night ahead weren't enough to put some sand in the Sheriff's craw, there's that prisoner sittin' in the jail cell waiting to be hanged tomorrow and all them rumors about how his brother aims ta bust him out. Of course, it’s probably just as well that the Sheriff didn’t know that the McKenna gang was about to ride into town and attempt a daring daylight bank robbery! Yup, it was gonna be a long day in Drygulch.

A rowsing game for three teams: Outlaws versus the law with an angry mob of cowboys itchin' ta get in on the fight!

A Flash of Lightning from a Clear Sky!
After riding the outlaw trail for four years, the Longbarrow gang is coming home to a peaceful little town... and its two banks!

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(Size: 715 kb)

by Andrew Collins
SS008, November 2007

Running low on funds and with a posse of US Marshals only a day's ride behind them, the Longbarrow boys were desperate. Harvy Longbarrow had been born and raised eight miles outside of Mortonsville and was well known in the town and surrounding countryside. He hoped this would give them an edge in this, their most brazen robbery ever... two banks in one day!

It's five outlaws against a whole town in this adventure for a GM and two or more players in this adventure based on the famous Coffeyville Raid of 1892!

Klaus needs a Holiday!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Klaus, the village blacksmith, is getting ready to deliver a wagon full of toys to the good girls and boys... unless Cole Black and his meanies stop him!

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(Size: 970 kb)

by Carmen Cerra
SS009, December 2007

To the adults of Winter Cove, he's Klaus Kringowski, the barrel-chested blacksmith with arms as thick as cypress trees. The children, however, know him as “Unca Klaus,” the kind-hearted toymaker with a laugh as big as his belly. All through the year, Klaus tinkers with wood and metal to make ingenious toys for the good girls and boys. Every Christmas he loads up his mule cart - pulled by trusty old Rudy - and delivers 'em throughout the county. That is, unless Cole Black and his no-good band of thugs who are gonna do their dangdest to make sure that Christmas ain't gonna come this year!

Help save Christmas in this holiday-inspired adventure for 2-4 teams. And make sure yuh check out the TWO new Specialties and new vehicle introduced in this exciting adventure!

I Hit a Vein!
Grab a pocket-fulla gold or get a belly fulla lead in this tale of claim-jumpin' owlhoots!

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by Dion Duran
SS010, January 2008

There's gold in them thar hills… and unfortunately, everyone knows where it is! Old man Clem N. Tine lives up in the hills with his daughter where they kept to themselves. That is until the day a sudden rain revealed the opening to a cave just chock full of the richest deposits of gold in these parts. Clem's brought in guards from the "Tough Luck Mining Company" to protect his claim, but unfortunately, a group of thieves known as "The Band'its" have gotten word of the strike and are heading to the cave to jump that claim. The race is on to find out who will get the gold and who will wind up in an early grave.

Join us for our most ambitious S&S adventure ever! This game is for 2+ players and includes a Map Pack with a full-size mine complex and gold nugget tokens. It also includes beta rules for torches and modified encumbrance rules for carrying all that gold!

White Water, Bloody Boulders!
It’s sink or swim in a river of death as a gang of outlaws makes a desperate bid to free one of their own. Can Marshal Thomas and his deputy survive both raging rapids and flying lead, or will the lawmen wind up in a watery grave?

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by Tom Reed
SS011, February 2008

On one side, a group of men clinging to a raft afloat in a raging river: A cheating card shark sentenced to a life behind bars. A Marshal sworn to do his duty and deliver him to prison. A pair of decent folk traveling home. Two deputies trying to keep their heads above water. And a ferryman who just prays he'll see tomorrow. On the other side, racing along the banks on horseback, are the Ghost Canyon Gang: A band of brothers who made a promise to their mama to save her baby from rotting in the state prison.

Each group of desperate men are heading on a collision course with a river of raging rapids and sharp boulders that cares not for the fate of puny flesh and blood!

Take to the water in this adventure for two (or more) players as they go head to head to see if either group is strong enough to master the white water river. This adventure includes a new system for randomly determining the flow of the river, as well as new rules for swimming, drowning, and the effects of water on firearms. Oh, and did we mention that we've also included a new vehicle (the Raft) and a set of incredible river tiles to help you run this adventure? Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot!

Judge, Jury & Executioner!
For 1-3 Players
It's a deadly game of cat and mouse… but who's the mouse? Two killers on the prowl must find out if they're going to collect their fee before the hunters become the prey!

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(Size: 62 kb)

by Rob Edwards
SS012, March 2008

Some jobs just don't come with a retirement plan, at least that's what the notorious gunny known as "The Executioner" is finding out. After a life spent in the pursuit of the world's deadliest game, it's time to settle down and retire. Of course, some people just don't see it that way.

An angry father has hired two killers of his own - Judge Tom Parker and Alistair Jury - to find and kill The Executioner. The problem is, nobody knows what he looks like… they're not even sure if “he” is a man or a woman! They have two clues: The Executioner is hiding in the small town of Perdition, and “he” has one green eye and one blue eye. If they can get close enough, they might just find their “man” before “he” finds them!

This is it, folks! The final adventure in our "year-long" contest! Yup, it was the longest year on record... but we hope you'll think it was worth the wait. We're closing out the contest with our first-ever SOLO ADVENTURE. Yessiree, mister. This adventure can work with 1-3 players. This game is especially designed for use with Eric Hotz' Whitewash City Starter Set, and it can be played all by your lonesome.

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