Howdy ya'll! What we got here are just some short notes and comments that don't realy fit nowhere else on the site. Right now there's no way to comment directly on the posts... so if you would like to reply, please do so in the Hawgleg Forums.

Your First Game
I recently had the pleasure to talk to a fella who is new to miniature gaming and was planning to run his first game of Gutshot with his wife and kids. We had a little pow wow and I gave him some advice that I thought was worth repeating here.

Mike Mitchell, 1/21/2014 - More >>

S&S Voting Closes:
Winner announcement to come soon!

Heads up buckeroos! We've closed the ballot box on our Showdowns & Shootouts contest and will announce the winner just as soon as we contact the winner.

4/2/2012 - More >>

Mitchell Cancels Saturday OwlCon event
We've received word that my wife's grandmother has passed away. We are packing and getting ready to drive to the funeral, which is up near Austin. I've notified the convention organizers and they are trying to find another event to run in its place. See ya'll next year.

2/4/2012 - More >>

Forum Maintenance: We ran them varments outta town!
Just to let ya'll know, I ran some maintenance on the Forums tonight and deleted a lot of bogus and inactive accounts. All in all, probably more than 2,000 accounts were deleted (some of them were in the "pending" file that you guys can't see). If we accidentally cut you, read the rest of the story for tips on how to create a new account that won't get yuh shot fer looking sneaky.

Mike Mitchell, 12/28/2011 - More >>

See us at Mag-Con, April 2-3
I will be running our popular "Last Man Standing" game at Mag-Con on April 2, 2011. This is up around the Kingwood area (NE of Houston). My game is scheduled for 2 pm and it should be up on their Website, shortly.

Mike Mitchell, 3/21/2011 - More >>

Wow, I think I'm a Z-Level Gaming Celebrity!
It's always cool when someone out there in the "real world" has heard of us, and Gutshot.

Mike Mitchell, 2/6/2011 - More >>

Vacuum Chamber Report online...
Some of yuh may not know, but ole Marshal Mitchell actually hung up his shingle over at He goes over there over every now and then to provide a few behind-the-scenes details about what the Hawgleg boys are doing. It's worth checking out, so why don't ya'll mosey on over and check it out?

9/28/2009 - More >>

Mitchell's Internet Problems

UPDATE: 06/23/2009
Comcast did some repairs yesterday and that seems to have fixed my Internet connection. Here's hoping it stays up and running.
-- Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell, 6/9/2009 - More >>

Hawgleg starts Facebook Group
Just a note to let ya'll know that we've started a group over at Facebook. We'll be using this group as another medium to connect with our fans out there. Additionally, we use this space to provide micro updates on what we're doing on a daily basis. This won't replace our forum or Website, but it does offer a short insite into what we're doing on a given day.

If you're got a Facebook account, please mosey on by and join us.

Mike Mitchell, 5/17/2009 - More >>

A change in our holiday plans
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I will, in fact, be here this week. My wife’s aunt died in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Her aunt had been ill for quite a while and, at 82, this wasn’t entirely unexpected. Still, it was a shock but my wife, Donna, is handling it well. This was definitely her favorite aunt, and we’ll be helping the family deal with things for a few days. We've canceled the cruise and will be in town, but we have decided to keep Hawgleg closed for business so we can focus on family and take a bit of a vacation near the end of the week. You see, my wife had saved up all her vacation days through the year so she could take a nice, long cruise and since she can’t save the days for next year, we’re going to do a few touristy things around Houston.

Mike Mitchell, 12/27/2008 - More >>

Bushwhacked, but still standing
Howdy folks! I just wanted to drop ya'll a quick note so yuh won't worry none. Ya see, that danged leg infection of mine has flared up again (you may recall -- it's put me in the hospital twice before). This time we caught it early so I'm able to stay at home, but muh doctor has ordered me to rest and keep it elevated, which means I can't spend much time online. So, for the next week or so, I won't be able to respond to e-mails or forum questions quite as fast as I normally do. Thanks in advance for yer patience!

Mike Mitchell, 12/12/2008 - More >>

15 Days without power & some GREAT news from Galveston
It's been more than two weeks without power (and we're still counting). However, Mike's brother from Galveston made a GREAT discovery yesterday.

Mike Mitchell, 9/28/2008 - More >>

After Ike: Life without power
A few musings on living without electricity as Houston works to rebuild the infrastructure in the 4th largest city in the United States.

Mike Mitchell, 9/20/2008 - More >>

After Ike: Traveling to East Texas
Some observations from when we left Houston and drove to East Texas for my brother's wedding.

Mike Mitchell, 9/18/2008 - More >>


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