Gutshot Printing History

To date, there has been only one edition of the Gutshot Core Rule Book, but it has gone through numerous printings. The bulk of each printing is the same, but we have used subsequent printings to correct minor errors and to fine-tune the wording of rules in a few places.

This is a very short summary of the changes made between printings, and the information is provided so you can quickly tell which version you own.

Printing Print Date Notes
1 Jan. 2005

First printing does not have a bar code on the back cover, but just a white box. This is the only printing that does not have a bar code on the back cover. Additionally, on page 6 it incorrectly lists the names of two of the Midnight Riders as Gary and Kevin Olivarez. Also note that the copyright page lists this as being printed in February 2005. Finally, this is the only printing that does not have an index or a Works Cited page.

1.5 April 2005

We contacted a new printer in Oklahoma City for this printing, and paid for the books, and were ripped off. We believe he took our money without ever intending to print the book. If he did print a few, they would have the following characteristics:

  • There would have been a Bar Code on back cover
  • No index
  • No Works Cited page
  • Only two pages of advertisements in the rear of the book
  • On page 6, the names of the Midnight Riders have been corrected: Gary and Kevin Ortiz.
  • The copyright page would list the print date as either March or April 2005

If you ever encounter a copy of this book, please contact us immediately. It is a bootleg, illegal copy, and we can use it as evidence in legal proceedings against the printer.

2 June 2005

The copyright page states that this was printed in May 2005. The following changes and corrections can be used to differentiate the first and second printings. These changes appear in this, and all subsequent printings:

  • There is a Bar Code on back cover
  • There is an index on pages 173-174
  • Works Cited page on 175
  • Three pages of advertisements in the rear of the book
  • On page 6, the names of the Midnight Riders have been corrected: Gary and Kevin Ortiz.
  • On page 22, the first photo is printed overly large and you cannot see Cheyenne or her thought balloon.
3 Aug. 2005 The only change between the second and third printing is the correction on page 22: we fixed the first photo so it says, "It's that low-life, Cooter!"
4 Sept. 2005

This was supposed to be a simple reprint of the the previous edition, but the printers made an error and shipped us a book with a serious error. In one of the fonts, the capital letter "K" did not print. This is most notable on page 7 where the letter does not print in our names, "Mike Mitchell" and "Mike Murphy."

Although we have a few of these for file purposes, these copies were never released and, if you see one that has not been signed by Mike Mitchell, then it was probably "borrowed" from a demo game he was running. In certain situations, some of these may be used as samples, but they are not intended for distribution.

5 Oct. 2005 Identical to the third printing. If I had two copies, side by side, I might be able to tell them apart because the pages in the fifth printing appear to be about 1/32 of an inch (or less!) lower than the pages in the third printing. This is a standard deviation that occurs in the binding process and might only apply to the handful of test books I examined.
6 Jan. 2006 The content is identical to the third and fifth printing, but this one is easy to spot. The pages are trimmed VERY close to the top. The Section names are almost-but-not-quite trimmed off the top. Also, the page numbers from 100-178 are very close to the edge of the page.
7 May 2006 This version is VERY easy to spot. The copyright page deletes the mailing address and changes the printing date to say "Printed 2006." Additionally, there is a minor printer variation with this issue that makes it even easier to spot: most copies have a small white gap at the top of the pages (in other words, the torn parchment on the edges of the book pages didn't print all the way to the top). A minor problem that also managed to find its way into the next printing.
8 June 2006

A VERY short print run done to test a new printer. All but three of these copies were shipped to England for release through Tabletop Games, Ltd. This version is also VERY easy to spot: the title page includes the phrase "(with Paul Mauer & the Gutshot Posse)" under the authors' names. There are also dozens of tiny typo corrections throughout the book, including a few rule changes:

  • The Marshal Character type removes the Reputation Specialty and replaces it with Two-Gun Shootist
  • Retaliation Shots are no longer considered to be Wild Shots (see 10.4)
  • Index expanded, now includes Action Slips and other items suggested by our customers
  • Removed Villain from Random Character Table 9.4.1
  • Character Sheets updated on pages 169-170 to include the standard number of Actions a Character receives each Turn
  • Many other small rule tweaks and updating/correcting examples on these pages:
    • pages 22-23
    • page 54
    • page 114

Note: This book is a fairly major revision and inlcudes about half the changes/corrections we intend to make for our updated release in Feb. 2007.

9 Oct. 2006

This print run was supposed to have significant corrections, but the printer goofed and reran the old version of the files. So, instead of having easy-to-spot changes, this version is an exact reprint of version 7, but without the printer error -- all the parchment edges go to the top of the page and bleed off correctly. As noted above, the copyright page does not have a mailing address and it simply states "Printed 2006." This is a very attractive edition and the only way to tell it apart from printing 7 is the corrected parchment bleed and this press run uses slightly thicker paper, so it feels a little heftier than printing 7. Side-by-side, they are easy to tell apart.

Please note that the corrections made in printing 8 are not in this printing.

10 Dec. 2006 This includes all the corrections originally scheduled for printing 9 (in other words, all the changes from printing 8, plus more), and one other significant change which makes this the easiest version to spot thus far: We finally added Paul Mauer's name to the cover and title page. This was a VERY small press run, however, of about 25 copies. It was a "make good" from our printer.
11 Aug. 2007 The copyright page incorrectly lists the printing year as 2006, whereas it was actually printed in August 2007. This printing is identical to the 10th printing, except for the cover price, which has been raised to $24.95.
12 June 2008

We made some fairly extensive edits for this edition.

Most Obvious Features: Cover Price: $24.95
Has a 2-page ad for Arnica Real Estate at the rear of the book. Page 2 lists the book as being "Printed in 2008."

Detailed Notes:
Page 1 & 2, updated copyright info to include 2008, added URL.
Page 4: Added Section 5.4, "Modifying Scale & Measurement." NOTE: The text of this change is available in Hawgleg Forums: You may read the full text here
Page 12: Changed it from 3-8 players to 2-8 players
Page 16: Rewrite on this page: added WYSIWYG paragraph (states that your character's weapons do not have to match those visible on the miniature.)
Page 16: Edited a few of the entries to shorten them so I could add Knuckleduster to the list.
.Page 16: Significant rewrite of text on this page. Read carefully.
Page 17: Added Arnica Montana text to Resin Buildings paragraph, other rewrites on page.
Page 18: Minor rewrite in the photo caption.
Page 25: Minor rewrites to include info about not needing a GM.
Page 28: Fixed some quotation marks, added a little text to col. 2.
Page 32: Added section 5.4 to table of contents.
Page 37: Rewrote paragraphs 1 & 2.
Page 46: Minor rewording on this page.
Page 47: Rewrote & laid out page; Deleted Ole Doc Murphy and added Section 5.4.
Page 52: Boldfaced text in column two.
Page 86: Major rewrite of text above Character Sheet.
Page 88: Rewrote Quick-Draw: One Weapon.
Page 90: Major rewrite of first paragraph; added Quick-Load.
Page 92 - 94: Made sure the (has both) parentheticals are in italics.
Page 94, Col. 1, Paragraph 2: added some text to end of paragraph.
Page 94: Reformatted Marshal Mitchell's comments.
Page 96: Photo caption changed S-Scale to O-Scale.
Page 98: Minor rewrite to text.
Page 105: Removed extra quote in line 7.
Page 108:  Minor changes throughout the page.
Page 109:  Rewrote end of first paragraph.

Page 172 & 173: Index.  Added entries for
- Cover, Full & Partial
- Facing (miniatures direction)
- Full Cover
- Knives (Damage & Attack)
- Knives (Thrown)
- NPCs
- Partial Cover
- Scale, Modifying (references section 5.4)
- And possibly a few more

NOTE: Check the Downloads page for an updated index.

13 Oct. 2009 This book is an exact reprint of the 12th printing, even down to the date listed on the copyright page (in other words, it says printed in 2008 when it was really printed in 2009). This is so close to the previous edition, I'm not sure I would be able to tell them apart if they were placed side by side. The one thing I could look for would be that in the 13th printing, some of the large solid black areas seem to have some white dots in them. This is particularly noticable on the "Support your Local Came Store" ad in the back of the book. Keep in mind, these are tiny spots and only seem to appear when there are really large areas of black. I also cannot guarantee that these dots are in each and every copy, as I only checked some of them.
14 Nov. 2009 Another exact reprint. This was a very short run, with most of them going to England or to retailers. I seriously doubt I could spot the differencebetween one of these and a 13th printing.
15 Jan. 2010 A very short run of another exact reprint. The only change is that the copyright page (page 2) has been updated to say "Printed in 2010."
16 June 2010 Exat reprint of previous edition. I would be hard pressed to tell it apart from the previous or next edition.
17 May 2011 Exat reprint of previous edition. I would be hard pressed to tell it apart from the previous or next edition.
18 Dec. 2011 Exact reprint of previous edition. The only change is that the copyright page (page 2) has been updated to say "Printed in 2012." We chose that year because we actually got this book in the last week of 2011, so we decided to plan ahead for the next year.
19 Jan. 2013 Exact reprint of previous edition; changed pg. 2 to read: " Printed in 2013."

Thanks to everyone for their support, and especially those of you who helped us track down the errors since its initial release!

Mike Mitchell
Page updated: 03-24-2013


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