The Gutshot Posse
The Gutshot Posse is our development team and friends who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us get Gutshot off the ground. We are very endebted to these people!

Posse Leaders
Mike Mitchell
Mike Murphy

Posse Deputies
Paul Mauer

Posse Members

Mike Bond
Nicole Bond
Erik Cockrum
Pat Crowley
Jared Lamb
Kyle Nearhood
Cameron Orwin
Greg Peddycoart
Jim Skipper

Demo Games

After the game came out in 2005, we started running a lot of Demo games throughout the country. We really want to thank these fine folk for having enough grit to step up to the table and sling lead with us.

A Gathering of the Tribes
(April 9, 2005)
Little Wars game store, Houston, Texas

Tom Augenthaler, Brook Burg, Rupert Cullen,
Michael Sandstrom, Justo Perez

NuGamers Game Club
(May 21, 2005)
NuGamers Game Club, Kingwood, Texas

Matt Cox, Adrian Gonzalez, Julian Gonzalez, Matt Lennon,
Julius Perez, Brett Terranova

Misc. Houston Games (2005 - up)

Little Wars: April 13, 2005
Mike Mitchell, Mike Murphy, Dion Duran



The following gamers have graciously given their time, consideration and attention to helping us playtest Gutshot. We extend to them our heartfelt thanks -- the game would not exist without their input.

Redleg Gang (2004)
Enigmas Games Store, Houston, Texas

John Black, Paul Bruchmiller, David Brininger, Mike Brininger, David Burlin,
Scott Coons, Robert Hart, Jared Lamb, David Michael, Jeff Pieper, Chris Trevino
*** Walk-ins, played one game***
Jessica Nelson, Rahul Tandale

Midnight Riders (2003 - 2004)
Midnight Comics and Games, Houston, Texas

Jonathan Burton, Austin Byers, Leslie Garcia, Rick Haufe, Matt Jeffers,
Trevor Johnson, Cheston (Mud) Keck, Ian K., Kyle Nearhood,
Justin Nemeti, Gary Olivarez, Kevin Olivarez, Laura Potter, J.J. Shaw
*** Walk-ins, played one game***
Matt Arra, Shaun James, Michael Johnson, Jonathan Kirkland, Thomas Striker

OwlCon Owlhoots
OwlCon - Rice University, Houston, Texas

(2004) Kyle Nearhouse, Richard Nelson, Mark Paquette, Timothy Sander
(2003) Mike Becnel, Rick Haufe, Richard Nelson, Cameron Orwin
(2002) Everett Chun, Troy Roper, Jim Skipper, John Sponheimer
(2001) Paul Mauer, Richard Nelson, Jim Skipper, Ron Pinkerton, Albert Griego

Ann Arbor Area Historical Miniatures Gaming Group (A3MHG2) (2002)

Bob Beatie & others to be announced

Midnight Comics MiniCon (2003)

Jason Aydelotle, Victor Balbian, Rick Haufe, Matt Jeffers, Cheston (Mud) Keck, Jonathan Kirkland, Michael McCasland, Justin Nemeti, Cameron Orwin,
J.J. Shaw, Joe Zaucha

Misc. Houston Playtests (2000 - 2003)

Jared Lamb's House: Nov. 25, 2004
Jared Lamb,

Little Wars: July 29, 2003
Tony Rocha, John Z., Sean Smith, Rick Haufe,
Jonathan Burton, Kevin Ortiz, and Ian K.

Midnight Comics : May 2002
Names to come.

Erik Cockrum 's Apartment: Jan 27, 2001
Erik Cockrum, Paul Mauer, Jim Skipper

Paul Mauer's Apartment: Jan 20, 2001
Erik Cockrum, Paul Mauer, Greg Peddycoart, Jim Skipper

Las Vegas Playtests (2000 - 2003)

Triple J Hobbies, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tom Adams, Jason Darbe, John Duck, Mike Rasmussen, Joe Sudek, Matt Waugh

Pennsylvania Playtests (2004)

The Bond House, Nov. 25, 2004
Nicole Bond, Michael Bond, Dan McHenry

Missouri Playtests (2004)

Command Con, Nov. 25, 2004
Jim Borisch, Rick Costa, Jim Ebert, Keith Matlock, Marc Stoff



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