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Gutshot Core Rule Book

by Mike Mitchell, Mike Murphy & Paul Mauer

Soft cover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 187 pages
Full-color cover, b&w interior

$25 + s.h.
(Shipping calculated at time of checkout)
ISBN 0-9765290-0-9

$25 + s&h
Round-Up Combo Pack

$25 Gutshot Core Rules
$10 Deadwood Minis (5)
$5 Deadwood Graves (6)
$5 Lethal Ladies Minis (2)
$2 Movement Tokens (20)

Sold unpainted.

Round up everything we've got, pardners! This includes the Gutshot Core Rule Book, 5 undead cowboys, 2 lethal ladies miniatures, a 6-pack of graves, and a pack of our 2-sided movement tokens!
$40 + s&h (a $47 value!)
Ladies Night Combo

$25 Gutshot Core Rules
$5 Lethal Ladies Minis (2)

Sold unpainted.

Oh yes, it's ladies night and the feeling's right for this combo that iincludes the Gutshot Core Rule Book and our Lethal Ladies miniatures pack!
$27.50 + s&h (a $30 value!)
Mini Combo

$10 Deadwood Minis (5)
$5 Deadwood Graves (6)
$5 Lethal Ladies Minis (2)

Sold unpainted.

Just because it's small doesn't mean it's not a great deal! Pick up all 7 miniatures; the 2 ladies can take turns killing the undead cowboys and then planting them in these resin graves.
$17.50 + s&h (a $20 value!)
Deadwood Collection

$10 Deadwood Minis (5)
$5 Deadwood Graves (6)

Sold unpaited.

Hmmm. Did these undead cowboys just crawl out of their graves, or are you about to send 'em there?
$15.00 + s&h
Lethal Ladies Miniatures Pack

$5 Lethal Ladies Minis (2)

Sold unpainted.

Our first 2 miniatures: La Vaquera and Arizona, the Gutshot Chick. La Vaquera is 28mm and is slotta based (base included); the Chick is 25mm and does not require a base.
$5.00 + s&h

Deadwood Cowboy Zombie Pack

$10 Deadwood Minis (5)

4 zombies
& 1 dead cowboy marker

Sold unpainted.

It ain't easy bein' dead... but it sure is fun. That's why these evil hombres are trying tl make everyone join 'em! These miniatures are 25mm and do not require slotta bases.
$10.00 + s&h

Deadwood: Six-Pack of Graves

$5 Deadwood Graves (6)

Sold unpainted.
Note: There are 9 figures in this series. Each pack has 6 different random graves. If you order more than one pack, we'll try to mix them up for you.

Everybody needs a place to call home -- even if that home is six-feet under! These 28mm scale graves are perfect for any Boot Hill. They are made of high-quality white resin and are sold unpainted.
$5.00 + s&h

Deadwood: 3 Dead Cowboys


25mm miniature

Sold unpainted.

Whether your cowboys walk around, or have the decency to stay dead, every game can use some dead cowboy tokens.
$4.00 +s&h
Arizona "The Gutshot Chick"


25mm miniature

Sold unpainted.

Dangerous and ready to ride, this lady bears the name of the state she hails from: Arizona. This mini is 25mm in height and is not slotta based.

$3.00 +s&h
La Vaquera

$3 28mm miniature

Sold unpainted.

This lady is more deadly than the men foolish enough to challenge her. This mini is 28mm in height, and slotta based (base included).

$3.00 + s&h
Movement Tokens

$2 Mmovement tokens (20)

Each disc has a 1.25 inch diameter, has a low profile and is red on one side and yellow on the other.

We put these two-sided cardboard tokens under our miniatures to show their movement rate. We use yellow to show Trotting and red to show Running. This helps us keep track of figure movement during games.
$2.00 + s&h
$1.30 Optional Insurance for one book
$3.20 Optional Insurance for 2-10 books
Up to $200 for total order


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