Hawgleg Announces a SWEET
New Game Release!
Chocoshot: Milk Chocolate Miniatures and Dice
Make for a SWEET Gaming Experience

April 1, 2014 -- Houston, Texas

Hawgleg Publishing is thrilled and delighted (heck, we’re so giddy that we’re tempted to make up the word thrillighted) to announce that we’ve come up with what is sure to be THE NEXT BIG THING in miniatures gaming: Milk Chocolate Miniatures and Dice!

The edible gaming bits will be the centerpiece of a paradigm-shifting game release that combines the yummy goodness of chocolate with the Origins Award winning rules of Gutshot. The new line will be called CHOCOSHOT.

“That’s right, pilgrim,” said Hawgleg co-owner and project leader Paul “Mad Dog” Mauer. “We’ve combined two of the best things about miniatures gaming: Wild West action and stuffing your face.”

High Calorie & High Concept

"Chocoshot is more than just Gutshot with yummy bits," said Hawgleg co-founder Mike Mitchell. "This is an exciting new game that restructures everything from the ground up."

Some key changes to the game include:

  • To show damage sustained by a miniature during the game, you actually bite off that part of the figure.
  • In campaign games, Gutshot’s “Victory Point” system (which is used to level-up and buy new abilities) has been replaced by counting calories. Unlike real life and your waistline, the more calories you consume, the better your character plays the game.
  • We also include a new set of “sugar high” abilities, like faster movement, super-quick draw, and a critical "sugar crash" table for when you roll Snake-Eyes (or when a player enters hypoglycemic shock).
  • Our Zombie figures have cream-filled brains to clearly indicate successful head shots.
  • And don’t fret about replayability: Each miniature will be sold in a six-pack, so you’ll get six duplicates of the same figure to represent how he “heals up” between games.

Speaking of figure availability, for those of you who like to play more than one character, we’ve got a Whitman Sampler pack that comes with 24 different miniatures (and don’t worry yer head none – we ain’t gonna put any of that yucky nougat filling in them). Additionally, figures will be available in two scales: Standard 28mm and Super-Sized 54mm (the latter of which is NOT recommended for diabetics).

“Since these are chocolate, your girlfriend might actually want to play this game,” said Gutshot co-founder Mike Murphy.


  • Do not leave your minis in a hot car between games. We are not responsible if your Gunfighter turns into a pool of goo.
  • Absolutely no dogs allowed near the gaming table.
  • Do not game with chocohaulics, as they tend to play kamikaze characters so they can eat their figures.
  • Hawgleg Publishing is not responsible for broken teeth and dental trauma from you confusing our chocolate figures with your standard lead minis.
  • Hawgleg is not responsible for broken chairs, popped buttons, belts, or zits incurred from playing this game.
  • Additionally, Hawgleg is not responsible if you actually send us any money to buy this product, because it is an April Fool's joke! Have a great day, and may all your hits be crits!

Take a gander at our preview artwork
Gutshot: Night of the Living Deadwood
March 18, 2014

We just wanted to give ya'll a heads up that we're posting some preview art for the upcoming game/book Gutshot: Night of the Living Deadwood, over at the Hawgleg Blog.

Sheriff Mike Foreman, a young deputy who just became
the big dog in town when his boss was murdered.
Click on image to see it full size

Since we cannot use vintage artwork in this book (there just aren't a lot of cowboys vs. zombies image available from old pulps), we will be creating new artwork. As part of this process, we're creating a set of characters who will appear in the images and be used in the various game examples for combat and movement.

"This is an exciting opportunity for us to build on what we've done in the past and develop our game world," said game co-creator Mike Mitchell.

The blog will show new preview art every week on Wednesday for at least the next month.
So mosey on by and take a look. Also, if you see something you like in the ads, we always appreciate you clicking on it. Right now the ads are kind of random, but the more people click on them the more relevant they become.

DEADWOOD - Undertaker Names
  1. Will Diggum & Barry M. Quick
  2. Dewey, Plantum, & Howe
  3. Claude Clay
  4. Rigor O'Mortise, The Smiling Undertaker
  5. Barry M. Deep & X. Hume
  6. I.C. Graves
  7. Seymour Graves
  8. Amigone Funeral Home
  9. Doug Graves & Sammy Terry
  10. U. R. Wormfood
  11. Dirtnap & Sons
  12. Nick Romancer

I wouldn't exactly call the local undertaker an "unsung hero" (frankly, I'm not sure I'd want to sing that song), but the fact remains that the local undertaker served an important function in many a Wild West town.

So, if you're going to add a shop to your town that caters to the funerary arts, here are some ideas for names to hang on its shingle.

Thanks again to the guys at The Miniatures Page for their help!

- Mike Mitchell

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